Friday Fictioneers; Troll-ex

Thanks to Randy Mazie who posted this prompt for the final FF this year, where has that gone? I’d also like too thank the Rochelle for saving my blog (sort of) by hosting this fun activity. I’ve loved joining with you all and have met some really talented writers within this band of merry pranksters. This one, I think, will be my 24th all of them have been focused on the bastardisation of fairy tales and/or children stories. This is a link to them in case you have missed any, they are all an absolute triumph of modern prose and I should win the Fooker prize for this type of stuff!!

Friday Fictioneers

Or maybe not, but scraping the barrel of Children’s Characters is tough and I may jack it in when the new year comes, however elder folk are not too fond of change so  i’ll probably be stressing my self over the same damn rhymes this time next year!

For the first time this is a follow up story to one I have written before which is here if you feel you need to keep up with the plot.


The young troll grew up and moved overseas far from Wetwang settling in the Dominican Republic, where the “eccentric ex-pat’s activities” were marketed as an “alternative experience”.

Literature promised literal fireworks and an eye popping once in a life time metaphysical journey into the fragile mind and anus of the package tourist.

Ironically the troll lived in a cave in the mountains surrounded by goats who liked to chew the monopoly money, the ransom for the “kidnap experience”  

His mouth was stuffed with £500’s and the walls black with gunpowder when they found him; only the goats came to mourn. 

There we go, the long anticipated sequel of a long forgotten Friday fictioneers post form around mid November, the link is above the text. Once again I am late, due to the Christmas holidays, and the kids refusing to go to bed at a decent hour, I have no time to my self again. Hope you like it, and I hope it makes sense.

And guess what? Its 100 words on the bloody nose! Happy Christmas all you eager beaver writers. See you in the next year.



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