FOWC: Haphazard.

FOWC: Haphazard


The weekend has flown by, and its great to see the personalisation of inanimate objects in Worcester. These 6 dots really raised my spirits; I’m not upset particularly or even at all but someone has totally transformed this tender street scene, hidden from any main thoroughfares.

This sort of undercover happy haphazard urban cycle-path vandalism must be continued, and I offer a hearty Congratulations to all involved.


This pink rabbit, called out to me, a tiny sticker, what it signifies I have no idea, but there must be someone printing out these 2cm diameter stickers. Why do you do it, why do you do it? Theres no reason to it; the protagonist is like an unknown, unseen and unrealised sticker Banksy, no one cares, apart form most of all the person who sticks.

I used to take a marker pen into the woods and write random words onto the bottom of holly leaves; evergreen, see, this means the words will be there for a long time and the chances of anyone seeing them virtually nil, literally nil, no chance but knowing the words are out there satisfied my itch.


Some street poetry, on the riverside, off the main path, but close by, lettering beautifully artfully stencilled on and left to the lichen and footsteps.

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