November 26th 2018


Had a wonderful weekend down in Chorleywood, food sublime as ever, curry, roast beef, croissants, coffee, beer and lots of fizz; lots of fizz, more than i’d have at a wedding without having to stand up either. 2 different sofas; 1, an adult sofa, firm, not too deep and supportive for my back, the other; a sofa for the young low, soft, and very easy to sleep in but impossible to get up and out from. That shows my age rather too clearly, getting closer to 50 by the day, in fact every second, its a sad state of affairs indeed.

The lovely M and K were the perfect hosts and I love going there, thanks to you both. Our resident naturalist, yes you heard correctly, although he has been known to rush around the woods in a state of undress, Dr S, expert in all things organic. And as many of the people who are listening to the Stone Clearing podcast, will know and have learnt, if its organic, theres no need to panic. I count half of the ministry in this group and the venerable Dr S.

stone clearing

Friday night I went to bed sometime between 3am and 5am, thats very silly and waking up at 10am I wondered why I didn’t quite feel tip top. The running theme between all of the silly men who stayed up this late was that we all felt slightly below par on the Saturday, The log man came, we took it upon ourselves to pick up the dumped fire wood from the driveway and walk it around the house to chuck it in the log store, this made me feel even worse, like I was wearing some sort of tight metal girdle around my waist  down to my hips, like a 6 inch wide band of disappointing age reaffirming pain. I must either completely stop strenuous exercise or try and buck my ideas up, fitness first is probably the way to go, but it’s that first leap into the abyss isn’t it, kind of like this blog, laying myself bare to a certain extent. I guess if you don’t try it you’ll never know. This bout of aching and huffing, taking care not to sit on the sofa for the youth was followed by a drive to the common with the dogs and a walk through some scattered woodland to the pub. Like I say Fitness first.


There’s a mole at the counter, I think you know what I mean, if you don’t, google it.


Going back to woodland matters, which seems like a very long time ago, it was dreadfully cold last week, possibly on the Friday, but don’t quote me, theres possibly some sort of time stamp on this photo, damned if I can find it. Anyway the ministry was all wrapped up, M looked like a shabby surf, D and N were huffing and puffing along in tandem with the cold and C found herself growling involuntarily, which was likened to N’s Nan’s Minah bird. She’s working on her growling, trying to work her way up to a machine gun sound, it’s in the pipeline, so please do watch this space, there will follow a recording of the growl in due course.

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