FOWC: Leave

FOWC: Leave


We always had a suspicion he would leave, he was, after all, about the tenth Lego person to disappear. Some folk assumed it was the children who took them, in all honesty, I’m not so sure, the humans had bought them, the lego folk, and had left them there in the rusty ploughs tooth. This time the rock painted to look like a penguin had gone too. That was two of them, safety in numbers with the pair of them. If they had gone away together.

I remember the fixed grimace on the last star trooper who had been looking out over the field, he was a determined chap. The penguin idly stood by, jammed into a groove in the wooden gate post, a fixed glazed stare off into the distance.

Usually they disappeared when there was some sort of forest activity; a nature walk a family ramble with dogs with drinks in the pub after. This time it was different, the pub had sacked the chef and banned kids even with their parents.

The rather cool looking bespectacled pilot type chap in the ploughs tooth and the mallet wielding Gorgon had only just appeared half way up the beech tree, snuggled up against the ivy which swirled around the trunk reaching and plaiting itself around the  higher branches.

Who was the smiling pilot and did he know something? Was the plastic toy Gorgon anything to worry about, or just to be expected?

The wood was awash with children toys, freed by parents; released into the wilderness where they have no worldly business being there.

And that is all I have to say on the matter.



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