Page 7, Line 5

Page7, Line 5

Time for fun again! If you haven’t played this before, grab your closest book, turn to page seven, and scroll down to line 5. Use that line as inspiration for a post. You can use it as it is written (like I do) or use it simply as inspiration. Most important thing is to have fun!

I’ve never done this before, but will have a go, I’m going to limit myself to 200 words maximum I think, because its late and I haven’t told everyone what is going on in the woods yet…

Now there’s an idea…

This is the extract from my book, see if you can guess…

“… followed them true with his terrier in tow.”


He had been walking through the big limes for hours now with Timmy, the bottom of his jeans really damp, his trainers soaked and the brambles rasping against his ankles.

The wood seemed a lot larger but not unfamiliar to the usual walk he went on with his Mum and Dad on a Sunday, the difference being the situation with his legs, heavy, wet and slightly sore now.

Just then he heard a voice calling out. To him? He wan’t sure but he could make out two or maybe three figures in the misty undergrowth, seemingly beckoning him towards them. He looked for Timmy and fought his way through the low scratchy brash, the green of the woods gone; the greyification of the forest. He walked upon the dark slimy carpet of woodland decay towards the figures, nearer now but still indistinct.

They were heading down a hill, towards the river, he thought, and the water meadows beyond, from there he could find his way home. Their hand actions trustworthy, thier voices like whispers, echoes and leaves. He followed them true with his terrier in tow, down towards the river.

190 words, its not a competition and there’s probably no one reading but its good for the soul, or thats what I tell Mrs T!!


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