December 1st 2018

Blimey, where did that go? All birthdays now gone for the year, we just have one final massively over expensive, over hyped, not over for a very long time event left until the massive black hole of desperation and depression which I like to call January!


Ive been doing this for 11 months now!! i feel I have made a few blogging friends on the way, my views, comments, likes and visitors have kind of reached a plateau, I’m happy with that, I know if I took part in more competitions and prompts then this would rise, that is what I have realised, but the whole thing was for me to write about my woods, the dog walks  and the goings on within, so I will try to keep true to that, thats what the title of my blog is. After the year is up, new year having been and gone, I may reassess; what exactly do I want from this? I’ll let you know.

So begins another day at the most antiquated property investment firm in the known galaxy. I woke up at my folks house, in a single bed; apparently my bedroom is awash with files all over the floor and it would have been unwise/ too cluttered for me to manage to get int bed. So I slept on the softest most unsupportive, unusually bouncy too, (how does that work?) single bed, covered in a child’s single duvet which wouldn’t stick to me, wouldn’t wrap around me, it really  kept slipping off just as I was getting comfortable.

Of late at Froggers HQ, I, a 47 year old man, age is important in this instance, you’ll understand when you get there you whipper-snappers. At home I have been sleeping all the way through the night, and have been waking up refreshed and cock-a-hoop with myself for not having to get up to go to the loo. It’s the same unbridled joy I remember getting when my first or second born first slept through the night, it’s like England beating Germany or Brazil all rolled into one. A real result and let the fan fares ring out. In this instance I am the infant who doesn’t scream out to go to the loo, and it feels wonderful let me reiterate. Last night this didn’t happen; for 2 reasons I suspect

  1. The non wrap-ability of the duvet, it had the properties of a crowd surfer at a rage against the machine gig, from the middle out, the middle out.
  2. The impending arguments and disagreements we are all about to have on this day at the meeting of the most antiquated property investment company in the world, i’ve said it before its the Acorn Antiques of that particular world, “Stifled Acorn Investments”

So here we are, myself and Dad have to get down into Leicester this morning, before the meeting starts, to pick up the old remaining filing cabinet so my Dad can stuff all the old remaining files into, so they can reside here, unflustered and in delicious confusion. The online presence is still a massive goal for us as whenever Dad gets an email from someone he forgets it or loses it, or can’t open an attachment, etc, etc. Last month in a direct u-turn to what he promised to do, he received a form from our bank, saying he would put me as the main contact of the internet banking service we use, but what he actually dod was put himself as the main contact of the internet banking service we have. He does not know how to use the internet, neither does my Mum. It doesn’t help that BT who provide the super fast broad band are obviously not providing super fast broadband to their house either, despite being paid for it by Mum and Dad. Hey ho, thats what happens in old age, people , companies start taking the piss. You have to be on your game.

So filing cabinet removals today, then soup and a roll, trying to teach out office cashier how to use the internet banking service for a third of fourth time, and I’m missing my sons footy match for this!

Have a nice day everyone, i’ll spend mine with a bloodied forehead from banging it against a brick wall!!

“You’d rather sail the ocean, than make a Big decision” this is apt for the company we are trying to negotiate into.


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