FOWC: Credit


The chaos continues at the most antiquated property investment company in the world. We’ve moved offices back to my folks place, the old office now stripped of all modern accoutrements; the fax, the computer with windows 90, the dictation machine, foot pedal included for ease of recording. All that is left is a Queen Anne table, a massive regency bow front chest of drawers and a leather seated carver chair (dark wood of course). My Grandpa looks down from his portrait at the barren room, remembering times past. I look at the room and think, maybe we can convert this into a flat and give Grandpa a better view somewhere else, he’d like that, that’s entrepreneurial spirit.

The Fax machine is now at my folks house a mere bit part actor, simply masquerading as a copier now, the phone line across the other side of the room; my folks don’t respond to wires well. Now Dad’s PC is up stairs, right on the top floor, thats where one of the metal filing cabinets had to be lugged to, the other was downstairs; this one for JP, our 77 year old cashier, her ledgers are in there, dating back at least 50 years, I reckon she deserves more than a carriage clock when she does retire…

Any way; the computer. Dad is an absolute expert of saying exactly the opposite of what he means these days. It’s not his fault, I think it happens automatically without input from himself, old age is the reason and the resistance to change. Love him. So we were asking about an email, a crucial email he sent to a client; I asked hime if he was saving documents he was sending to people to which he replied that he was.

My self, the natural sceptic, asked him to where he saved this,

“Well here” he replied with out the least amount of irony, indicating the pile of printed emails, attachments, spam, god knows what else.

Credit where credit is due, he’s saving everything, but not how we see it. Saving, is printing absolutely everything out on to quality un-recycled paper. Not saving the planet? No, but saving each and every  word literally. What does he do with these gigantic piles of emails? I don’t know, I suspect he just throws them in the recycling. For some thieves or ner-do-wells to steal someone else’s identity.

One comment

  1. these gigantic piles of emails… YOU suspect he just throws them in the recycling.. wel can i mention something suspicious ? have just enjoyed the carpenters interplanetary but this is it.. where thew heck was their saw and chissels ??


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