Have you seen the Mustard Man?


Once in a while the Mustard man graces the woods with his presence; usually on a piss wet through soaking wet gloomy December morning. This was one of those mornings.

The Bedraggled waterproofed, Man of Mystery usually has a tune he whistles a similar meter to “Have you seen the Muffin Man”

Have you seen the Mustard Man,

The Mystery Man,

The Mustard Man,

Who skulks in Shrawley Woods.

He’s an enigma, often seen carrying a plastic Waitrose bag full of goodies, always jars of Mustard, which he uses to entice you back to his house for lovely coffee and pleasant chat. This didn’t happen today, we were all soaked through and prolonged time in wet jeans isn’t good for the skin; you’ll understand when you get to my age, raisin legs!

Concerning Ministry matters, we didn’t win the lottery once again this weekend and hence I am still writing this stuff, however we now have 5 continuous weeks of on line weekend gambling which we potentially could win the jackpot for 5 continuous weeks, just hoping the Number of the Deer comes up for us. A good or bad omen, which ever way you look at it befell me this afternoon when I was driving through the Cotswolds towards the Donnington Brewery, where I purchased some beer from the new shop there. I saw a massive deer on the road side, it was dead, presumably knocked down by a car or truck, Christ he would have felt that, the driver, it was enormous. So is this a good omen for “the number of the deer” or a bad omen for the numbers of deers? I’ll leave that one unto you to decide.


The Donnington brewery pond, home to swans, white and black, geese and all manner of ducks. I suspect many other birdlife hidden in the surrounding woods. If you ever make it to the Cotswolds and you feel the hordes of tourists are getting a bit too much for you in Lower Slaughter and Stow on the Wold, get yourself to the Brewery, Longborough looks to have a smashing pub too.

Oh, and you must listen to Goldfrapp as often as possible.


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