December 4th 2018


Frost was on the ground today, there was lots of huffing and puffing into the cold air, we’re not used to this, we’ve been spoilt with a wonderful summer and winter has been coitus interuptus thus far. But these last 2 weeks the skies have darkened and rain had poured forth, tomorrow is predicted to be an absolute shitter; sou’ westers at the ready Ministerians.

Benny managed to do something today no other dog in the gang has done; he caught a large bird, a raven or more likely a crow. There was a scuffling in the thicket and the black Benny had an extra black appendage at the mouth end, flapping away, he’d terrorised a big black bird and only after a struggle did the bird tear himself free and fly uncertainly unto the safety of a low branch of an oak. There he did a massive shit and sat just too far away from me to make out if he was crying or not. Meanwhile Benny flashed by, his tongue hanging out baying for blood. That’s the spaniel in him, maybe, or it could be the strict training regime i’ve put him under.

We came back for coffee at mine because we’ve got the painters in… no seriously, were having the kitchen and the units done. N and M left, and they played a sneaky practical joke on me; they put pebbles/stones in my boots, the rotters. How I laughed when I tried to get them on.

Which brings me nicely and seamlessly to “Stone clearing” a brilliant podcast by Richard Herring about clearing stones from a field, thats it. 45 minutes of unadulterated stone porn, you kick, pick and throw to the edges of the “Stocean” the stone ocean which is a field of your location littered with rocks and stones, of which there are many. The trick is to remove the stones anonymously, with the potential of being disturbed by dog walkers or even walkers with out dogs (slightly odd), and to take the stones from the field interior and deposit them as ever growing cairns or in ditches around the perimeter whilst walking the dog, watching out for dog shits which sometimes masquerade as stones but the key is to be anonymous. There are a number of questions which need to be asked of Mr Herring, of which I shall address on Twitter @richardherring1967 

Check it out; it’s ridiculously compelling.

Night all, but not before a little Can.


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