Friday Fictioneers: Peep’s Peep

Thanks to Dawn M. Miller for the wonderful photo, what a lovely spot. I’ve got a feeling the story isn’t going to be so tranquil!

Friday Fictioneers

Thanks to Rochelle for sorting this out, week after week, this one I feel is going to be particularly awful; I had a shameful thought on the way to Malvern which I hope will translate!!

Previously practicing autofellatio officianado, Little Boy Blue, found his shepherding contract terminated after being caught in a compromising position on a haystack by Bo-Peep.

 She was shocked and thrilled in equal measures as his horn blowing was legendary and came highly recommended, perfect to shepherd her wayward flock; but she was beginning to think she had the wrong end of the crook.

Packing his bags and dusting off his horn, he set off, determined to forge himself a new career in the sex industry, following the railway towards Rhyl, which was, after all, like his mind;

One track and Dirty.

There we are Friday Fictioneering Fellows, its 100 words of pure unadulterated filth, or not, depending on which way you wish to interpret it. Actually thats a lie, it is filth, sorry for any offence caused. Hope you enjoy it!!


  1. Delightfully wicked one track dirty story – unlike SouthWest trains, the laughs arrived right on time!. “His horn-blowing was legendary.” Well, he certainly blew Bo-Peep away, in spite of herself 🙂

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  2. I read the first sentence and went “Daaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnng!” LOL, I was deeply amused by the smut. May Little Boy Blue not have to suffer from any blue appendages and go on to have a fruitful career.

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  3. Dear Shrawley,

    I’m so late getting around this week…I apologize for my tardiness.
    Little Boy Blue always seemed so innocent. Guess those are the types you really have to watch, aren’t they? As always your story is gobsmacking fun.




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