December 10th 2018

My New brother, his wife and kids came over this weekend; its always a pleasure but my God did I feel rough today! Far too much wine, but fun chat. We went up to the pub, did I mention we have a new landlord? For some reason it feels really expensive up there, maybe its just because I haven’t spent a massive amount of time there of late, £4 for a pint of Guinness? Seems a lot,

I’m not from London you know.


The landlord situation has the jury still out. He came and sat next to us, on our table and ate his supper next to us, right there. I mean its not as bad as wearing “trackie bots” front of house but maybe he should have shovelled his food round the back or in the other room. Who am I to judge.

This weekend got me thinking of the rules according to the Ministry and regards the do’s and don’ts of the woods. Regular readers, of which there are millions, will know we plan too draft a kind of code of conduct for visitors to our wood, it’s bad enough we have to share it with the serial killing, poodle dog walker. Incidentally she offered us a dog today,  free of charge. I have no idea where it has come from and she very rarely speaks to us other than a kind of shy mumble. Regular readers will also know that 3 of the regular walkers have dogs, only one doesn’t; M, he’s got chickens and we have yet to see them being walked perching on his shoulder. The bottom line is, M must take the dog otherwise he will have to reconsider his position.

So, the rules, inspired by the phrase:

Flick it into the Thicket (regarding poo, dog poo.)

I shall put my thinking cap on and give it some serious thought. Night all.

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