FOWC: Driver


FOWC: Driver

The photo above has absolutely nothing to do with what I am about to say, in point of fact nor does the prompt to be honest, but I thought i’d write a daily post which can seamlessly sit with Fandango’s word.

I wanted to ask a rhetorical question of you all tonight (in the civilised world, Worcestershire). We are having our kitchen decorated, the walls, skirting, architraves, the window sills and even the kitchen units. Its all going to be in grey; one shade of grey. That apparently is the colour of choice at the moment amongst the chattering classes, the greyification of our kitchen, soon to be followed by the greyification of our lounge, the bedroom is already half way there, the bathroom upstairs has grey flooring so a tick in the box for that. My study upstairs is still stubbornly messy, a kind of dirty magnolia (female wrestler) but it won’t be long before the greyness sweeps the whole house; my daughter is fully on board, her bedroom is pretty grey, come to think of it all the carpets are grey in the house, actually, the carpets, the bathroom floor upstairs and the whole kitchen floor is slate (grey) so really the only places are the lounge (proper oak planks) and the wet room downstairs (a kind of tawny biscuit colour).

Yes, we accessorise, of course we do, that brings the colour to the greyness, the gloaming.

Mrs T and I were discussing the kitchen and as to where the cook books would go; we had a shelf, i like the shelf and I like the cook books. They were opposite the cooker, so when I was cooking all I had to do, was turn around and there was my reference library, close to hand and ready to inspire an explosion of tastes. Anyway the shelf is down, so the books are in a pile, and the wall is shelf free, naked. Clean and contemporary, fresh. I believe this is the driver for this most ridiculous of suggestions (from Mrs T).

She said,

“Lets put the shelf up in the utility room, for the recipe books”

with a straight face, completely seriously.

The question I have to ask you is, “Do you keep your recipe books in the utility room?”



  1. sheer folly … does the tumble drier belong in the kitchen. will the clothes washer follow suit?
    caveat emptor .. next the guineas will be above the range looking down on the cuisine.
    where will all this book moving malarky end ?


  2. ““Do you keep your recipe books in the utility room?” Um, no. Our utility room is on a different floor than our kitchen, so why would we put cook books so far from the kitchen? Our cookbooks are in the kitchen, of course.

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