December 22nd 2018

Its seems sad that Benny and I will have to miss out on our early (I use that word advisedly) morning walk through the wonderful woods of Shrawley, but miss it I must, the Christmas beast is looming, we have a wonderful turkey crown wrapped in streaky thick cut bacon, some potatoes, and some cup a soups. This spread does not a christmas make.


Today I am going to Aldi, after I’ve finished this and my toast, I will be going to Aldi with thousands of other folk, all desperately trying to spend more money than the last, the thinking being, the more money one spends, the better it must be.

Not so, I’ll just go food today and see how it turns out, but I bet I’ll do it for less than £100, and they’ll be treats a plenty.

A funny thing happened to me yesterday: It was my last day at work, there was lots of admin type stuff to do, along with terribly important phone calls to terribly important people, who’s terribly important offices shut at noon, thus the terribly important phone calls will have to wait.

I had leant 1 egg, to my friend who lives up the lane a few weeks ago. She wanted it for her son who makes hash cookies, he’s 18 and really into pot, its funny, I go out with his Dad to the pub occasionally and he complains to me that his son keeps asking him if he’ll take acid with him! It’s hilarious; he doesn’t want to take acid with his son, he doesn’t want to take acid with anyone, he’s 49. And thinking back a couple of decades myself, I’d say mental well being is pretty important when you are in the wrong end of the 40’s, especially if you have the choice to not suffer a complete psychological meltdown, and in the presence of your son too! Anyway this makes me laugh because my friend doesn’t like the sudden over familiarness of his son’s questioning, he used to love gaming, now its tripping!

Last night I was in the middle of a telephone call to a computer at my bank, had been for a few minutes and had progressed through about 5 number choices to get to where I was so interruptions were not needed. Along comes (we’ll call him R) R and knocks on the door.

“Hi Man, thanks for the egg. I made some cookies, but just have half at first”

And he hands me a foil wrapped disk, waves and disappears into the night. Bloody hell I missed the other choices at the bank and had to hang up, it’ll wait. So ladies and gents I am now the owner of a 12cm diameter foil wrapped cookie.

I will not be eating it, due to past issues with weed, I can not be trusted, but then I have to get it out of the house lest the kids find it. Any one who wants it please send a stamped addressed envelope to ….


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