Boxing Day 2018


Warning this post may feature graphic images, and in no way, am I anything to do with demise of the large mouse/small rat. It merely demonstrates the circle of life and death, this time of year we are surrounded by death.

What the fuck does that mean? Some say, back in the days of visible servants and before the days pdf modern day clandestine slavery, the day after Christmas the landlords and landowners boxed up all the left over Turkey, rats, mince pies, half finished bottles of wine and iPhone chargers and Boxed them up giving them to the very folk who had cooked and served the food and wine they had eaten. The phone chargers probably belonged to children or relatives who they felt they had seen too much of over the Christmas period, and maybe they just wanted to make a point.


Some might say that having a turkey for Christmas is traditional, some might say that it’s all a festival of over indulgence. The fact I bought a 3kg Turkey crown to feed 3 adults and 2 children may well illustrate that, coupled with Dr S (our house guest this Christmas) making some home made stuffing enough to feed an army which we plan to hoard whilst we wait for the collapse of civilisation. Next year I plan to buy a Bustard to feed the whole bloody village.

The Turkey crown is the breasts of the bird and is enormous, hardly any gristle or wastage (that we see) and enough to make several meals; I will be making a curry between this and prepping for Friday Fictioneers and Match of the Day, what can I say I’m a busy man. Next year I am not going to buy a 3kg crown as that is obviously far too much for a family to consume in one sitting especially with Stuffing balls, Yorkshire puddings made at the last minute to appease the boy child, millions of vegetables including sprouts, Thank god I forgot the strudel. We did have Christmas pudding which I purchased, last year I made 3 (too much in the recipe see), I had to steam this for an hour, and was under strict instructions not to let it boil dry, but too much wine makes D a forgetful man and as a result the bottom of the plastic pudding container completely melted through the steamer’s ventilation holes, the water to provide the steam (science fans) boiled away leaving a melted plastic residue oozing through the holes of the steamer. Fucked it!


A tale of Torvill and Dean finished off the evening, Skaters starlets in England back in the ’80’s and I don’t think we’ve had anything since, there again I don’t follow Ice skating so I’m bound not to know, swallowed up and spat out with the rest of the population within a wave of winter olympic hysteria, something only happening once every 4 years, something only a minor non alpine country will experience. Its different now, people train where the conditions are at best, back then it was an ice rink in Nottingham, I think, but in honesty I had had some wine and much food (see earlier in this post) and so am susceptible to forgetfulness.

Heres a particularly beautiful rendition of a Christmas classic, Ive succumbed to posting Christmas songs at this time.


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