FOWC: Revenge

FOWC: Revenge


One day the Earth will reap its revenge on the race who plunders it for its own greed. Beating the soil to within an inch of its life, tearing out the nutrients and leaving it with puddles of fuel; What the fuck is one meant to do with that.

Next year I am going to stop buying unnecessary shit and send any unnecessary packaging back to the shops it came from; they can then throw it in a hole in the ground, my conscience is clear but I know that no matter how much or how little we consumers do to minimise our carbon footprint, there will be a massive company giving with one hand and taking with the other, deadening the ground beneath someone else’s feet.

It seems to me the more pressing the climate and clean earth problem becomes, the more  blatant and brazen the people in power become to cling on to and to build on that power. Maybe they will build a big rocket and Fuck off to pastures new where they’ll find another field ripe for pissing in.


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