FOWC: Ambition

FOWC: Ambition


Benny’s ambition seems to be to chew through absolutely everything, this time it’s my son’s football socks; the home pair which makes it worse because we always seem to wear home kit even when we play away. Odd that no one else plays in red and black. Green and white hoops are popular; they make you look wide and strong, as is black and white vertical stripes; they make you look slim, fit and fast.

He took the whole bloody heel out, i’m going to say nothing for a few days, see if the sock problem goes away and then see what happens, I’m sure the club can provide at a cost. That sort of attitude might lead you to believe that i’m a kind of time wasting procrastinating day dreamer; and you wouldn’t be right but then again, possibly not necessarily wrong either.

My ambition has always been to write a book of sorts, and I have come to realise i’m in the exact place to learn how to do so, and to be inspired to do so, we’ll have to wait and see, get your tackle out and see what bites.

My job, is still a fun thing to do, as long as i’m left alone by public enemy number 1, the “Whispering Welshman” not to be confused with the whispering death of the 1976 West Indies team; Michael Holding. My boss, (yes I own him) is much less talented, even though he may speak quieter. So the ambition now is to have as hassle free time at work as possible with as few emails and phone calls from the WW, if you want to get on in this company, you either get swallowed up by HQ or you become a manager out in the provinces; a thankless task, shouted to by the folk above, detested by the folk below, and all for an extra £5000 a year. No, its not for me thanks, i’ll keep my head down and try and make it for myself rather than giving in to the man.

Benny is now chewing the feet from a plastic chicken, intent on freeing the squeaker!


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