January 10th 2018


Some points of order for the followers to ponder.

The lego man was stolen from the sculpture at the entrance to the woods, I found his helmet about 20 metres away, trampled into the mud; i’m thinking it was a violent attack, there’s a lunatic on the loose.

The chat on the walk is about the SAS program, “Who Dares Wins” it seems Ant, (the top SAS TV man) who is very shouty and very sweary, and was very rough and ready, seems very well groomed; C told me today that in his climbing of Everest programme, he had grey hair. Seems he may be using a bit of Grecian 2000, who’s he trying to impress?

I visited a drovers pond at work yesterday, in the furthest western tip of my geographical area of responsibility. I met the owner of pond and the surrounding land in his shed, he was tinkering with an old landrover and had built an entire 2 storey house on the side of his massive workshop, he told me the council don’t need to know and they never will because it is totally out of sight. I told him I didn’t know what he was talking about and didn’t see anything; a nods as good as a wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean?

I’ve got a new iPhone Xr; I’ve saved £23 a month by getting this phone over my old contract, which will save me £552 over the 2 years of my contract, that counts as a goal for Leicester.

I really hope, when I’m old, wrinkly and cantankerous, which isn’t as far off as it used to be, that I will not be as stubborn and dare I say stupid as my dear Mother in her refusal to even tolerate a discussion of getting a hearing aid. Mum I think assumes the hearing aid has not moved on in the 30 years since she last dipped into social culture; she is under the misapprehension that it’ll resemble the trumpet popularised in the 1920’s, heaven help us!  I’m finding these telephone chats with my Mum more and more stressful and it upsets me, because 1 day we won’t be able to have a telephone chat with my Mum; this makes me sad.


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