January 12th 2018: Another bit.


Some one has joined in with the spirit of making the woods a living exhibition, a photosynthesising being, Gaia, we salute you.

Faces in things.

This time some sun glasses were left on a tree, wrongly positioned, I had to move them down to nearer the scar which marks the tree’s mouth, I didn’t want to move them to another tree; i’m not an animal.

Today I walked with Mrs T around the woods, we went off road and found some interesting stuff, not all native to the woods, but now a part of the woods until they are swallowed up by the woods. The woods will always be here, they will always “Stay Classy”



The nest had tumbled from the boughs of a smallish Oak, and there the nest nestled, mud made and bird made. But look, I’ve no time for any more unfortunately, I have to cook.


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