January 13th 2018.

Taking stock and making stock.

We bought half a lamb last year butchery fans, still got a fair bit left as the joints are massive, spliff fans. There was a mystery blue bag in the freezer with an amorphous lump of meat within, yesterday I took it out to defrost, and as the day turned into night the meat seemed to take on the shape of the bowl it was sat in, gradually thawing out.

This morning it was swimming in blood when I removed it from the bag; it’s a bloody liver, literally. What to do? I’ve asked Mrs T if she fancied Liver and bacon with sautéed potatoes and tender stem broccoli, but no matter how you dress the dish up, its still liver which has the texture. I seem to remember the taste being quite earthy but the texture… the texture. So I’m making a stock, so there. I have no lamb bones but I have vegetables and herbs and a pan and a cooker and a certain joie de vivre, so thats what I’m doing today, with the fixing of the fence and sorting out the leaking washing machine plus replacing another light switch.

The recipe is simple, and i’m making it ups as I go along so follow this and you too could be like me! A cacophony of contradictions.


Looks good enough to eat eh? Take a load of liver, season with S&P, a dash of rapeseed oil (my cooking oil of choice) some Rosemary, chestnuts; squashed and left over from Christmas and I had no idea what else to do with them, some garlic and whatever else you fancy, i added a few Bay leaves at the last minute.

Then I slow roasted this at about 150’c for about an hour, maybe a touch longer. Apparently if you are making stock without bones then its a good idea to roast the meat, this supposedly will make the stock clear… we’ll have to wait for that one! After roasting it all I took it out and put it into a massive cast iron pan, French, but it doesn’t really matter it just means there will be no “Je ne sais quoi”. Add a load of tasty veg, I used celery, carrots, red onions (of course), more garlic and a massive leek; one for the Welsh veg fans there. cover with water, which is loads, bring to the boil and simmer until you go to bed. I mention this because we have gas which has a habit of turning itself off, so the last thing you want to do is die in the middle of the night because the gas went off without you realising. This is important because if you die you won’t get to try your stock. And your family may be slightly miffed.

There we are; Shrawley Lambs Liver Stock. I’ll tell you what it’s like later.

You may want to listen to the Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil when you do this.



  1. What an interesting use for liver! Will make good soup, which was the point, I assume? My hubby could cook liver and you might honestly think you were having really tender steak. He had a way around a kitchen. One reason he’s sorely missed. Thanks for sharing a really good recipe! 🙂

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  2. I have been a vegetarian since I was six years old (we’re talking 30 years!) and yet I still remember the texture and taste of liver when my mum made liver and onions. That was the one and only time I ever ate it – but I have ever forgotten it.
    Haha scarred for life!

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