Friday Fictioneers: Porcine Assassin

Well today the photo is provided by the wonderful  Dale Rogerson I urge you to check out her blog, its a fun place, with plenty of really lovely readable stuff , and well done to the equally wonderful Rochelle for continuing with this madness that is the Friday Fictioneers, looks like a goodie this week, lets see what the doctor prescribes shall we…

Little Pig hesitantly peered through the door at the wolf; battered, bloodied and mortally wounded. He chuckled, sat the gun down and skipped back to the kitchen.

Forgetful and furious; shit shepherdess Little Bo-Peep was now selling assault rifles after losing her flock countless times, and was living as an outlaw in a disused dairy with Canidae Crack Little Red Riding-hood and Little Miss Muffet the lactose intolerant arachnophobe.

Generations of the Wolf family destroying the Pigs’ straw and stick houses, had persuaded them to take matters into their own hands; executing the huffing, puffing Lupus with a silver bullet.

There we are 100 words, I hope i’ve done the photo justice, the pigs had had enough and the idea of a dysfunctional female outlaw group was too much to ignore! Any similarity to person or persons living or dead is purely coincidental and not to be taken seriously, FFS Lighten Up!!



  1. Reading your stories is like revisiting childhood (but only with an adult’s eyes this time). I love the line – Little Miss Muffet the lactose intolerant arachnophobe.


  2. Damn pigs, they never pay their rent – now that drug pushing, cult leader Bo-Peep has started gun running across the border from Never Never Land – this means war. Wait until the Wolves in Washington learn about this.

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  3. Dear Shrawley,

    The image of Bo-Peep with an assault rifle et al made me laugh. So glad I wasn’t swallowing liquid at the time. I only recently replaced my keyboard and would have to send you a bill for another one. 😉 At the very least you didn’t try to rhyme with orange. Thank you for that. My work here is done.



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