January 17th 2018


I walked through the dark the other morning, the shadows closed in, the silence deafening. My head torch was bright, you press the button 5 times and it goes from red to green to one light, to the same light but a little brighter then finally 2 lights, fucking bright. That is the setting I roll with.

I climbed over the stile, hovered at the top and looked across the dark fields. There was a torch light, a torch light descending, moving towards me, towards my corner of the field. I was meant to be walking to where theta torch light was coming from, I may have to change my trajectory, I may have to head into the woods. Walking in the woods in the dark is not the morning walk I wish to undertake.

The torch I saw, saw me and switched off, and i walked up the hill, up the side of the field , up towards the torch. Speaking loudly and walking slightly slower than I wanted to as I had a meeting to get to, I spoke to Benny,

“Come on Benstein, lets go”

I walked slowly up hill and the torch which was there, wasn’t there and I was asking myself where the torch bearer was. It was tab that moment I realised that the person, hiding behind the dark light of the non illuminated torch was probably the man who walks the 2 evil dogs. The dogs who attack and the dogs who can not be walked during the day light; they must be werewolves; I see no other solution..

To scared to complete the path, I took a 90′ left and yomped towards the large oak, dark against a lightening background, knowing there is no fence, no wire to skip over or struggle through. It was just then when the torch light re-manifested itself; the dog walker with the dogs who cannot be trusted were on the leash and there was no way the ministry was going to back down.

I did see the torch light again, tracking the sound, only Benny interested, and me.And then it vanished; Benny looked over, and decided somethings are best left untangled and me absolutely knackered.


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