FOWC: Cough

FOWC: Cough


I remember being in a queue, it snaked down the stairs of the boarding house, past the top bog; the whiff of cigarette smoke permitting the stench of the urinals and the stale tea and coffee stained carpets.

The queue reached down to the first floor, the sixth formers at the top, the third formers at the bottom. There was a steady trickle of older boys walking down past the younger, knowing looks and cutting jibes

“Grabber’s gonna get you”

We’d all heard the stories, we knew what was going to happen.

It was my turn; I stood infront of the library doors and waited.

My name was spoken, the door opened and I was nudged in. There stood the head of house, the house master and the Doctor.

I approached the trio, briefly looking behind me to see a group of sixth formers gawping and pawing at the window above the bookshelves, laughing silently,

I turned to the three men, the Doctor looked at me and asked me to lower my trousers and pants.

He reached for my balls cupping them gently.

Cough” he said quietly.

Cunt got arrested 10 years after I left.

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