January 18th 2018


I feel the Fungi fans have been starved of literary oxygen for a while so heres some back at cha, coming back down from the sporosphere with a gentle bump. This mushroom is similar to the type which Chewbacca was balanced on last year, last year jesus I’m on a roll here. They cling to silver birch trunks at varying heights, they are chestnut in colour and turgid to the touch, flick them lightly and they make for a strangely pleasing sensation. Mushroom sex, oh yeah baby! This one doesn’t normally come with spectacles so we deposited some on top, the rumour is that this is a bespectacled wondering tree crab, nut it looks more like an unidentified fungi after having consulted my Readers Digest Woodland Fungi identification guide. I can therefore only assume it is a new species and it will be named in the ministry’s honour: The clinging crab cup, Ministorum Ministorius, to give it’s official latin classification.

Tomorrow (which is actually today as I didn’t manage to write anything yesterday despite sitting on the sofa and in front of the log burner with the laptop from 2;30 until about midnight. How lazy is that? Horizontal rest fans?) So tomorrow, wink wink, we shall be going on a slightly bigger walk across to Shavers end Quarry; Thats right, we are crossing parish boundaries, from Shrawley into Astley and then possibly into Abberley, I think but the ground doesn’t have a dotted line like the maps telling you that you’ve now left one place and come into another. So tomorrow (later on) look out for some photographs of exotic animals, maybe some odd people, I believe the Abberlarians like to stretch their ear lobes, so I may include a passage on local customs. We’ll see what transpires. Wish me luck, C will not be joining us on this expedition but her apologies have been recorded and documented in the big book of the Ministry.

So in the spirit of walking heres a rather splendid song about walking on your hands.

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