January 28th 2019


Imagine my surprise when N turned up on the walk this morning; or someone who looked exactly like N anyway. Upon closer investigation I discovered that this imposter was just exactly that; this person was, according to that person, N’s identical twin sister. The same deep voice, the same stubble on the chin and sadly the same sense of humour. Her problem I think will be fitting in with the dynamic of our little group. After last weeks news of N’s departure we three, C, M and D have modified the walk, we stroll a bit slower now, we seem to have adopted a more casual attitude, some might think us a bit more in tune with the younger generation. We really want to spread the vibes out wider than the small sphere of influence we have at present. Oh yeah Baby, we’re going inter Parish!!

So how N’s identical twin sister is going to fit in I’m not sure. On the one side there will be equal numbers of the two represented genders on our walk (not including but not forgetting the Gender Neutral among us, we simply do not have any GN folk wanting to join the walk and if there were then they would be subject to the same stringent selection process that any one else wishing to join would have to go through. Its a one in one out policy) This is where we may have to consult back into the mists of time, to where the walk existed before the blog, in essence “The Dark Ages” not a lot is remembered from those times and unfortunately those within the ministry have minds like sieves and post it notes covering the wallpaper; reminders of things to do. I imagine we will just make something up and stick with the story, it’s what usually happens. Who the hell is going to prove us wrong?!

Plus it’s my blog and like stone clearing with Richard Herring, there are no rules aside from my rules which I am at liberty to make up at any time.

I tried to get onto Lauren Laverne’s show this morning, and failed, here’s hoping for the next time.


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