January 25th 2018


This ones for fungi and Rainbow fans, in the words of convicted paedophile Rolf Harris, “Can you tell what it is yet?” It’s not the contents of his trousers, no. However I think it does have some sort of connection in that I think this looks like a Fungi Zippy, Americans need not apply, this will only be remembered by folk of a certain age, from Britain. As we’re leaving Europe in a blaze of apathy from our politicians, then I’m keeping it British.

FFS the Brexit thing is really manifesting itself as an utter disastrous fuck up, the politicians are carer politicians and are just looking forward to their next pay cheque, they don’t care about me or my family. I find it utterly reprehensible that we might end up with a no deal Brexit, which in layman’s terms means they have dawdled for 2 and a half years and will leave with out saying goodbye and without arranging to meet up again in the near future. I am really cross with our so called government and would not be surprised if anarchy reigns in the months to come. How can any of us trust the politicians to rule if they can’t agree over leaving Europe. It’s almost as if they really think if they don’t do anything it will go away.

He sits on the floor, his mouth wide open in disbelief, waiting to catch rotten flies.

In woodland news, N has been telling us all week he will not be with us on Monday; he’s not departing this world we hope and we don’t think he’s moving house. We really don’t know but as a group have accepted his decision to leave and will see what Monday next brings. I’m already thinking maybe we should shake things up, possibly a fancy dress party walk on Monday in celebration of C’s birthday, which is on Sunday so Happy Birthday C for then (i’ll drop  card round) and have a good night on Saturday.

N hasn’t given us any information as to his whereabouts on Monday and from then on, but we’ve accepted not and are in discussions with the serial killer who walks the poodle to join our group, rather her than an ex-village councillor. (she tried to join our walk and it was really awkward, we had to restrain ourselves, we didn’t know what to say, like when C took Hattie in for the mating session (see back in December sometime, hilarious!)

Look, once again The Handmaids Tale has taken over, 2 episodes left in series 2, then maybe I can crack on with the daily rubbish, until then.

Night all. But only after this one


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