Friday Fictioneers: Accidental Tail.

Rochelle once again thank you for hosting this weekly jamboree, it’s guaranteed to be a wild ride always. Thanks to Renee Heath for this haunting image, an empty wide open space, possibly one of happier times, perhaps the happy times are yet to come. Who knows, that’s what makes this thing so damned exciting…

I have thinking cap on, I have thinking jumpsuit on, I have glass of IPA at the ready. Where is my muse? I know I left it here somewhere…

As if being born blind wasn’t punishment enough to then have ones tail extricated by some knife wielding maniac Banshee , who assumed I was chasing her, when merely trying to cross the floor to escape the stench of the slovenly farm cat. How were we to know he too was blind? 

Tough time to be blind; benefits cut, NHS privatised, we literally jumped ship and fled across the channel; we had open borders then. 

Made it to Cat-alonia, ironically.  We spend our days sipping Cava at the centre of a wonderful Pyrenean vista, well,  that’s what they tell us.

There we are playmates, 100 words on the nose, not sure if i like it or i hate it, I’ll let you decide! Be gentle…


  1. I wasn’t paying very good attention when I started reading, so I had to go back to the beginning. Well worth it 🙂 I just had to get into the groove and start playing the music in my head 🙂


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