February 4th 2018


Its how I felt this Monday, icy and spiked like barbed wire, after a particularly boozy Friday at the pub and then an even more boozier night at Sand G’s on Saturday to watch the Rugby, what a game, if you know Rugby you’ll know what I mean when I say I really couldn’t care less for the other oval ball game across the pond. England beat Ireland in their own back yard.

Then the England cricket team were shafted, royally by the West Indies in Antigua, which ain’t a bad gig to get. I spent a week in Grenada a few years back and it was veers hot, around this time of the year too, maybe it was March. Anyway we sat there in the full sun for half an hour and then retreated to the shade of the palm trees, our legs covered in sarongs, I felt like my Dad.

The food was free as was the drink, apart from the beer and for that reason I kept off it, aside from a couple of bottles with my lunch and my dinner, well no one can tell me to stop when I’m on holiday.

Foolishly I have signed up for some “100 days of activity” activity with work, it was a moment of weakness and I’m thinking that possibly it wasn’t my finest hour, we get a free Fitbit (type device; fucking cheapskates). Anyway that happens in March, so I’ll wait  and see what the hell I’ve done. I’m a pretty active man but finding my activities are slowing somewhat, this will be due to my age.


I’ve listed a shed load of ariel photographs and old OS maps on eBay, if anyone fancies them they are massive photos from the Cotswolds around Stow on the Wold and maps from 1970’s around the wild Malvern hills, you could at least bid to get the prices up for me! But then that would be fraudulent and I will not condone that anymore than I would condone smoking because it makes you look sophisticated.

I’m having trouble remembering what I’ve been doing of late, I need to get some early nights, the family company is doing my head in too ate the moment, we feel like we are swimming against the tide, the last bastion of analogue business practices, cheques, faxes and not being able to understand the internet. Its one of those issues which is going to infuriate me more and more I’m sure as life continues; the fat cats get richer and the worker bees slowly work them selves into a buzzy frenzy waggle dancing all over the hive of the acorn antiques of the commercial property rental world.


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