Emily Rogers is on the Run

Well, well, well Ms Crushed Caramel, thanks, I think, for nominating me, telling me, to continue a story which someone has gracefully called Emily Rogers is on the Run. Who is this woman, what is she running for? I have no idea but your photo has given me a few ideas…

I think you must read the previous part, the link below, and then I’ll nominate some folk, from across the pond I think and lets see what happens…

Emily Rogers is on the Run


plunge pool (2)

As Emily disappeared into the distance across the field and vaulted over an old oak stile in the corner, one of the children, now stood gawping in a crowd of the rest of the children who has stopped the cross country run, said,

“She’s doing Parkour, I didn’t realise she did Parkour. She’s so cool.”

Miss Forster, had turned on her heels and was striding towards the main entrance to the Pavilion, flinging open the door she stormed inside; the runners chattering excitedly amongst each other like sparrows in a hedgerow.

She opened the glass door to the purely scented room, the waters reflection shimmering  over the walls and ceiling and her footsteps echoing, little splashes and clicks. 

“Mr Ponsonby, there has been an incident”

A silence, followed by coughing, then a gravelly voice spoke;

“Mrs Forster, what seems to be the problem?”

She hated that he called her Mrs, every fucking time he called her Mrs, he knew that she probably hated it and he couldn’t care less, Mrs Forster had a chequered past and was always on thin ice, always on thin ice. 

Mr Ponsonby was sat in the spa with the caretaker Mrs Digless, the lighting was mood lighting but Miss Forster could see Mrs Digless was naked her one arm draped around Mr Ponsonby’s shoulder, her eye patch crystalline blue.

Mrs Forster hated the headmaster, she hated his confidence, his magnetism and she hated that he detested her, how could he prefer Mrs Digless, that freak? 

“One of the girls; Emily Rogers. She’s climbed over the fence and scarpered across the field towards..”

There was a surge of water, the type of surge when a portly man suddenly stands up in a pool, the sound resonated around the pool room, and Mr Ponsonby stood up completely stark bollock naked in front of her. A few seconds later Mrs Digless emerged from under the water looking bedraggled wiping her white hair from her face. 

Mrs Forster smirked.


Thats it CC, thats all I have for the time being, the fire has burnt down, its raining outside and I really don’t want to get any more logs from the shed. Hope you enjoyed it.

So now I have to post a picture and then nominate 3 folk to continue the story.



Brownies, made by me for Mrs T’s work meeting at the village hall, they were the bomb.

I nominate these 3 bloggers to continue the story, If they want to, there’s no pressure but it might be fun. They are and I hope this works and they get this.

Jo PTSD girl


Dale, the wonderful

Well I hope it works, carry on the story playmates and I’ll see you on the other side

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