February 10th 2019


Great news; the pub has relented and the price of a sunday roast has now dropped to £9 per adult, £5.50 per child, I would like to say I had something to do with it but I don’t. They are still going to charge for Cauliflower cheese and custard, maybe not together but there again what ever floats your boat. This could be deemed unimportant, or a slow news day but this is the type of thing which makes the heckles rise and send schudelfloss down our backs (this may or may not be spelt correctly, If there are any Germans out there who are regular readers please feel free to correct and come and visit if you are in Shrawley, the water is warm and my daughter “sprakken ze deutch”

We walked several paths which M and N (not the rapper) hadn’t been on today and saw sights which neither would have believed to be true in their wildest dreams. a trig pillar with pillar cap intact, I have tried to move the cap, to unscrew it and it has been WD40’d so it will come out just needs time and a cloak of darkness to unscrew it. Benny found himself in someones garden, unable to escape and when I lifted him over the barbed wire I tore my jacket. I shouldn’t think bad thoughts maybe that’s Karma for wishing to steal the pillar cap.



These beauties arrived at 7;30am on saturday morning! Naked wines, you pay a monthly subscription, the money goes to the growers and so many of the wines are exclusive to the club, needless to say Myself and Ms T drank slightly too much on Saturday night and with that in mind its bed time.

Pip Pip.



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