FOWC: Reason

FOWC: Reason


We learn today that 1/4 of the worlds insects are on the verge of a cliff, ready to plunge into the abyss and extinction. This is bad news for us humans, if the insects go then the pollinators go and all the things which work at the base of the ecosystem to get rid of the waste nature and we create.

The Reason? Us, mankind, we seem to be hellbent on intensive mass scale agriculture, pulling out hedges and raping the soil to within an inch of its usefulness before we leave it bleached and leached of all its nutrients, like the coral reefs.

If we continue in this vain we are in for a “Round of Fucks” a wonderful phrase which means bad things will happen. And I thought the insects were to take over the world, turns out I should probably stick to what I know best; drawing squares on pieces of paper to help folk get from one place to another.

That’s “my reason” as far as employment is concerned.


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