FOWC: Petrified

FOWC: Petrified


Maybe it was Pat Bennetar who said she “lived amongst the creatures of the night”. From this I can probably gather that Pat was a drifter or tramp or that she lived with these sheep who when I saw them were the creatures who straddle the time just after night and prior to dawn. That wouldn’t scan in a song so I guess she stuck with the night thing. Plus Pat was not with the sheep unless she was sat in the barn having a kip, preparing to wake when normals do; the people who don’t live amongst the creatures of the night.

I had to walk the dog this morning in the dark because I’ve got to drive to Southampton and give a lift to a lady who cackles, in fact I would not be at all surprised if she was a creature of the night; not a prostitute, that would be rude and doing them a disservice.

So the dark morning walk always fills me with trepidation, the woods looming darker than the surrounding dark landscape unlit by even a crescent moon today, the clouds were out and it was warm. The woods so beautiful and vibrant during the day leave me petrified in the darkness. Every breath in the woods in the dark is short and uncontrolled, every sound a monster from my childhood straining to breakthrough from my boyhood nightmares into this largely irritating and irrational adult world. The world of facts and boredom, sometimes the world of facts and wonder; 2 sides of the same coin.

Anyway, best get off to the Tesco’s car park, its where i’m picking her up.

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