February 18th 2019

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I seem to be flagging, the words aren’t coming and the time spent writing this stuff has been curtailed for whatever reason. So March will be different, March will see me striding forward until the whole lot falls flat on its arse as Brexit happens and the end of the world.

This weekend saw some fun and games. Friends came over from Manchester, we all went for a long walk and a pint or two. Walking down somewhere called Witchery Hole in Rock Wood; a really steep gully where pheasants are bred and deer roam elusively, iPhones are dropped and temporarily lost only to be found again with the use of super tech, I think its pretty safe to drop your phone these days. Benny the dog found a single stray sheep guzzling away at some tasty bracken in the afore mentioned wood, prompting him to tear after the sheep, my son chasing him in floods of tears and me running down hill like a slightly overweight “Fenton!” dog owner; the same words,

“Benny, Benny, Oh Jesus Christ”

We caught up with him and the sheep in a matter of maybe 30 seconds, Benny chewing the sheep ear in a slightly playful manner, there was no blood and fortunately no one was hurt, the sheep ran off to continue its grazing after a frantic totally unexpected workout. Benny was put on his lead once more and walked close to me in disgrace. He can not be trusted to go walking anywhere other than the woods, Shrawley Woods.

Ive got a step counter now as I volunteered in a moment of weakness to exercise for 100 days from the end of Feb, thus far i’ve does well over 10000 steps a day, either this tracker which has  name like a vibrator, the Max Buzz, is easy to fool or I do walk a lot further than I realise every day.

In other news my wonderful daughter has agreed to cook every evening meal for the whole week for us. This includes chasing the recipe, buying the food and ingredients and cooking the whole lot! Today was a Keralan fish curry which was really tasty with a mean chilli kick, tomorrow is Mozzarella Chicken and basil, this is brilliant, i’m sure by Friday i’ll be getting kitchen envy and will want to be back in the saddle, we’ll see.


You know what, this morning aside form the wonderful dawn chorus which will be waking us up at 4am from now to then, today I heard my first woodpecker of the year, the rat-a-tat-tat resonating throughout the woods is a wonderful sound and coupled with the green shoots pushing past the scattered carpet of fallen leaves it means the spring time is on its way, brace yourself Jason the cold snap will probably be March.

One comment

  1. Yep. Spring is almost here. What a relief. Can’t wait for the ospreys to return. Not that I can see them being blind, but my husband tells me all about them as they return. Oh what a to do with Benny! That happened with my dog, Jade, once, when we lived in the Derbyshire Peak Distruct. Jade is no longer with us however. Webhave Hope, and we now live in Lincolnshire.


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