Friday Fictioneers: Halt House Hill

Friday Fictioneers

Hello Rochelle, sorry I’m late; I had to go to some bullshit conference which has done nothing to allay my fears for the future direction of the company who employs me. We visit HQ, people speak to us, and show us things, and they never really ask us or show any interest as to what we do. I suspect this is how the world works

Thanks to J Hardy Carroll for this one, this week, a nest of some sort I see. Thinking caps on…

On my marks…

Get set…

Wait for it, wait for it…


This is based on the old woman who lived under a hill, some sort of nonsense rhyme, I’ve sensibilised it for you!

This was “progress” the building developer had told the parish council planning committee. 

There were humanitarian objections but as the diggers plundered the ground, furniture, fabric and elements of a household were turned in with the earth until only filthy gingham remained.

The hill under which the old woman lived was now an empty obtusely constructed suburb on the edge of town.

During the inquest the lawyer argued that as no one had seen the old woman leave   she must still live there. The building work ceased, the development was mothballed as they waited for the old woman to return.

That’s progress folks, 100 words on the depredation of the countryside by ruthless developers, willing to risk the extinction of unseen burrowing creatures.




  1. This is a story very close to my heart, much of the building industry to me is going down a blind track, but I must not get on my hobbyhorse


  2. Can’t help but think of a book I read a while ago by Tatiana de Rosnay “The House I Loved” where a woman refuses to leave her home and they destroy it anyway…
    Well done, sir!

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  3. Dear Shrawley

    I just started reading Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and I suddenly saw Arthur Dent lying in front of the bulldozer to keep from losing his house. I guess corporations are universal. Sorry about your less than exciting meeting. Enjoyed your story.




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