February 24th 2019; 23 hours later

Faces in things.


This grumpy gnarly bugger was spotted on the walk this morning, I know , you’d be cross if someone had stuck nails in your head for eyes, but if the nails hadn’t been smashed in then the poor chap wouldn’t be a chap, it would be a post, plain and simple.

Dr S popped in today on his way down to Chorley Wood, for Sunday roast, his daughter had kicked the sofa and so was hopping about, Dr S was hoping she’d be ok for Harry Potter land on Tuesday, I’m sure she will, kids bounce.

Surprise holiday plans are being tentatively made, accommodation in France, Eurocamp, is cheap, its the getting there that fucks everything up, who knew Ferries were so expensive? Anyone want to give me and the family and the family car a lift to Brest?Answers on a postcard please.

Benny can not be trusted even in his own woods, today he spotted a Muntjac and he disappeared after said creature. 3 minutes later he reappeared, panting and looking pleased with himself, I think I should get him a Go-pro to wear; the secret life of Benny would then be wide open. The thoughts going through my head at this time, around 4:45pm, with the sun setting behind the Abberley hills were as follows.

Oh no, we are only 3 minutes from the pub and we may have to abort, head home and tell my son we’ve lost Benny, my daughter who I was with would also be very sad so we would have 2 distraught children, Mrs T would also need an explanation and I would have to wander the woods in the darkness shouting for the damn dog. I get cross when he chases a sheep, I applaud when he chases a Muntjac; to him they are one and the same thing, I’m not sure if he could even tell the difference in colour, are dogs colour blind?

As ever answers on a postcard to blah blah blah, London W12 8QT. I think that may be the address for Pebble Mill at One, thew first place I saw “Legs and co”.

Needn’t have worried, he turned up as I said, and we got to go to the pub, have some pints, some coke, some crisps and some nuts. W was there too so we had a little chat whilst Benny attempted to mount Sam the cocker Spaniel, who was giving Benny confusing signs. He’s only young, he doesn’t understand, Sam however knew exactly what he was up to.

I’ve booked Benny in for castration in March, the month not the small town in Cambridgeshire,  something to look forward to eh?


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