March 7th 2019


Great Scot! The spawn is back, spotted but unreported to the wider group yesterday meaning that today was the official day of the beginning of spring, lets hope the puddles don’t dry out too quickly this year; last year we had a mass tadpole death, only weeks from becoming Froglets. Sad; but that’s nature, folks. We discussed the potential to transport the frogspawn to safer puddles, puddles which don’t dry out, I imagine the frogs of Shrawley are doing ok because they keep coming back to spawn here so they must be doing something right, the dirty bastards. Over the next weeks and months we shall be on the lookout for fresh puddles which are unlikely to dry out, puddles off the main drag, which should the need arise we can re-house the tadpoles in vast refugee camps away from the drought and famine of the over populated hot puddles.

Turns out N’ s folks have a caged parrot; 47 years old which is the same number of years N has under his belt, thats amazing, I had no idea. The internet has told me they can live upwards of 75 years, thats longer than some humans, and in a cage for all this time, sorry all that time, is it wise, is it cruel? I’m not sure, maybe we should keep a carrot in a cage, carve it with a knife into a parrot shape. It would, after very little time I should imagine, go soft. Bad idea, stick to the birds. He’s called Peter and apparently used to talk a fair amount until the kids moved out and then settled on squawking, so no one knows what he’s going on about. Although lets be clear about this, being constantly asked if you are a pretty boy would ware pretty thin after a while I’d think.

All of a sudden I’m very tired.


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