Friday Fictioneers: Mary and the Music Man

Hey Ho tracks in the snow; Rochelle has very kindly opened up the competition of Friday Fictioneers to the general public and the great unwashed. This has come as a major shock to me and I’m hoping that the standard will be suitably high, otherwise; Thats it! I’m Leaving!

Thanks also Anshu for the wonderful photo, what a brilliant thing. This will require my finest thinking cap, so…

On my marks…

Get set…


It may not be a bad idea to refer back to Garden Alchemy which is where we last met Mary Mary…

Thoroughly accommodating Mary Mary suffered a breakdown after the Silver-bells and cockle-shells hornswoggle. Her Horticulturist’s Licence abrogated, she ran a piano bar and was a shadow of her former self.

When the clearly insane, vagrant music man arrived telling us he played Pi-a,Pi-a,Pi-a-no, ad nauseam, Mary took an instant shine to him

His Cacophonic tinkering was abysmal, and was driving the folk to Boy Blue’s Blue jazz bar until Mary silenced his discordant ditties by planting a bed of bee friendly Begonias in the body of the piano. 

Renaming the bar “Harmonious Horticulture”, the Berserker Music Man served the drinks.

There we are; 100 words on the nose once again, I do love this little game. Hope you and yours enjoy this one.






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