March 19th 2019


First off, here’s a tree for all you foreign fungus fans and the FFFFC (foreign fungus fans fan club). All the way from Edale, North Derbyshire, the peak district, just something to wet your greedy voracious appetites. There’s a lot of precipitation up there (rain, snow, sleet, hail for normals) and I suspect the mushroom count is off the scale. When, if I relocate up there, if I am commissioned to write the fungus book full of fun(gus) facts then I’ll let you know but I’m sure you’ll see my name up in dimly lit lights in some dark dank mushroom-room.

Its all change in the Shrawley woods too, I go away for a weekend, 2 nights and all manner of strangeness is kicking off, tree clearing, tree planting but in wild places, suddenly saplings are cropping up in strange configurations in odd parts, not really cleared parts, do the new blood spell anything out? If in 50 years when I’m cruising over the wood on my hover-board, will is see my name, or maybe who shot JR spelt out in some beautiful Ash leaf calligraphic script? I’m not sure, but I shall keep watch with interest


Yesterday, despite the rush, having to work in Cheltenham to cover for a mate, the words of a slightly less sexy and more homely Kellis sprung to mind, however she was onto a good thing as she “Had to charge”. In my case the tune would scan,

“My Cafetierre brings all the boys to the yard”

Yes folks, I am the proud new owner of a matte black stealth style coffee contraption, its a stunner, 1.0 litres of sleek, stylish black beauty; sounding slightly like a vibrator now, which categorically it isn’t. Anyway a rushed coffee, led to me not charging and also the whole experience was a bit of a rush, so We’ll try later on in the week, if I ever get my work life balance back again, seems the shit is finally hitting the fan and the rudder has completely snapped, the seat of my pants is how I will be flying for the foreseeable. “Bosses who know how not to” is going to be the slogan on my t-shirt for toady. You’ll see it’ll all come out sooner or later, if the company keeps running with any less of a clue, then there will be a national outcry.

So Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho, its off for a cup of tea and then Hope under Dinmore, then where tomorrow? No clue.

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