Friday Fictioneers: Spider Simon

Bugger, work is really getting in the way of blogging, about the only thing I have time to do right now is the wonderful Friday Fictioneers set like a fun test by the wonderful Rochelle I really don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have the FF to do. This slump I’m in could probably be permanent but I feel if I didn’t do this then not only would I let myself down, I’d let the whole class down.

This week the irrepressible Dale Rogerson has provided a wonderful picture, which, in fairness, I have been mulling over since Wednesday morning Shrawley time, and getting ants in my pants over what the hell I’m going to write. Well fear not Oh  Freaky Fabulous Friday Fictioneers Folk, Shrawley has an idea…

So without further ado, I will get my shit together.

On my marks…

Get set…


Similar to Obelix falling into the vat of magic potion, Incy Wincy Spider was never the same after sampling the pie given to him by his friend Simple Simon.

The Pusher Pieman, had Simon down as a dealer and perpetually skint Simon jumped at the chance of tripping for free at the fair with his best mate Incy. 

Incy never returned to “Earth” from the Acid Pie, spending his days envisioning extraordinarily daedal, humongous luminescent lattice web structures; Spider Simon shows folk around.

At nightfall Incy shuns the Hullabaloo of the Filigree and scuttles back up his water spout.

There we are folks, another one of our favourite children characters’ reputations crushed before our very eyes, and all in 100 words, well I never!!

Hope you enjoy.


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