March 24th 2019


Yesterday my bin, my compost bin, number 3, looked like this, today it looks nothing like this. There are no lines, no squiggles, no mental drawing on the outside of my plastic bin. I have no idea why not or why my bin looks different without scribbles today. It’s a mystery as Toyah might have said in the 80’s.

My wonderful wife has bought me 8 new pairs of socks today, meaning I can throw all of my old ones away, a purge, which I conduct every now and then. Casually, without a care for the single unholy socks which may be left behind. Would I have chosen grey? Possibly not but there again, I may.

I wrote a verse of a song for my dog, Benny, who you may or may not know is a mentalist, he chases shadows and reflections, like a cat. For this reason I have written a single verse to be sung to the tune of “My Favourite Things” from the S.O.M (get a grip, your must know what this is, Julie Andrews, Nazis, Von Trapp’s, etc I’m saying no more, if you don’t know then you can remove yourself from my, our little cult).

Here goes… And remember this is a reflection of Benny’s life, what he really likes and how he sees it…

Wires and soft toys and biscuits and light sprites,        

Shadows and squirrels and insects and dark nights,

Brown French Bulldogs covered in shit,

These are a few of my favourite bits.

That is how Benny sees the world, the brown French Bulldog is obviously Hattie for the new comers, ( she likes to roll in Fox shit, who doesn’t?) For the regular readers who don’t know, fucking concentrate, I demand you leave the cult…. and I’m in charge so you’d best pay attention.


This is a little fungus shot for all you fungus fans craving a little fungus porn, let’s face it who doesn’t? Looks like someone was a little too keen and peaked too early, couldn’t resist a little nibble… Again, who could blame them?

The male contingent of the Ministry walked out this fine morning and as may have been seen in the previous post, we saw the first Bluebell. This has been disputed by C who was not there and believes that the competition to sight the first BB should only be held on weekdays, the weekend being the days of rest. Well, I’ve news for you C, the days of weekends being the days of nothing doing are long gone, get with the programme, we’re heading to the future and the days of beige Sundays and towelling Saturdays are over. The weekends are for Tartan and Tea with two sugars. The point is that, we found the first BB in the whole of Britain this morning, it’s all over the Web.

As I listen to Pye Corner Audio, my god, its all just lights and noise…

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