March 25th 2019


Yesterday was a day of many steps, I’ve signed up to a fitness thing, 10000 step a day for the next 100 days, well we’re 25 days in and once I have failed, because I was at the most antiquated financial investments company in the world; things move at a funkier pace there, there’s very little standing up aside from visits to the toilet. Yesterday 25,426 steps involving 2 massive walks with the dog and one of them with my daughter, she’s training for the Duke Of Edinburgh bronze award, and complaining about the stiffness of her walking boots, angling for another pair which will have exactly the same complaint I should imagine.

We walked to the pub, about 2 miles and then back another way through the vineyard, who knew? Sun setting over the churchyard and isn’t nature wonderful yeah, yeah, yeah…

But bloody hell if i didn’t lose my step counter this morning as I sat down to, well I was in the smallest room, so at least half of my daily steps will be missed, which pisses me off as I walked miles today all over the cotswolds, to the Slaughters, which I thought might be good for a photo but the whole place was crawling with tourists and police cones, i’ll have to get there very early to get some good shots and there is little or no chance of that anytime soon.

I got involved in a twitter chat yesterday with people who swap the sides of the bed they sleep in, not just them but their partners, they’re called shifters and shouldn’t be trusted. Especially as both parties would have to have the same reasoning, sometimes they have to be near the door, sometimes near the window, bedside table, light switch. How can people be so cavalier? They’re keeping it fresh in the bedroom thats for sure, but to me it seems wrong; like a cult, I should know I run one. The suggestion to change sides of the bed, my bed would be catastrophic, especially when hotly contested areas of the bed, such as the “No Man’s Land” or “demilitarised zone” between the two pillows are discussed, theres a whole different ball game of bedroom politics going on in every house up and down the land, length and breadth. I will watch with interest, I had an idea tonight to swap sides and get into bed before Mrs T, but Fleabag is on, Brexit is going mental, even more so and I’ve got to do this.



RIP Scott Walker



    • Its called a maxbuzz, sounds like a vibrator if you ask me, however it was free when I joined this challenge, its called the Virgin Pulse challenge. As with all statistics, they have the tendency to become an obsession, like the stats on this bloody thing! The one I’ve got is crap, however everyone uses it so its a level playing field. I reckon I’ll be getting a garmin for my birthday they’re meant to be pretty good.
      Which reminds me I forgot to do brownies, if i manage this week i’ll let you know and will send photos!

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      • I know so little about these things – I just googled Garmin and I think they look much smarter than what I have seen of other devices. I don’t want to spend too much money on one of these things (I am very careful with my pennies) but I do want a device that would work properly.

        We would be honoured with brownies – I think everyone enjoyed with BAKE-OFF although after the round up post I think I am going to have to avoid mentioning cake for a very long time. There was a lot of support, but I noticed that a lot of those who read my normal posts skipped all the cake posts! So I am going to have to get back to normal soon.

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      • Yep I think if you pay peanuts you get monkeys, goes the same for those type of watch things. Farming is a proper tracking device company endorsed by the company I work for which is meant to know it’s stuff, I’d say. I reckon but haven’t looked yet, if you spend a little over £100 you’d get a goody!

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