FOWC: Corpse

FOWC: Corpse

Haven’t done this for a while and have decided to jump back on the wagon, wish me luck.


It is what it is and viewers of a timid or sensitive disposition probably should have looked away before clicking on the link. Hey Ho.

Life goes on, this is part of the circle of life and of death. The mouse’s parents had sex, the mummy mouse gave birth to a mouselet. It wasn’t laid; didn’t come from an egg, i’m not a complete idiot. The Daddy mouse goes out a huntin’, (using gender stereotypes for no other reason to question their validity) while Mummy Mouse stays at home, making the home and puffing up the scatter cushions (done it again).

Anyway this day Daddy Mouse doesn’t make it home, he’s had his neck broken by a bastard cat who took nothing more from the death of this mouse than pure evil pleasure, there was no point. The Cat took the last breath as the mouse took his last breath, his body twisted and broken as thew cat swung the mouse in its jaws.

All that is left is an empty corpse; a shell of a former well thought of Daddy Mouse within the mouse community.

That’s politics innit?

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