FOWC: Post

FOWC: Post


I felt it in my waters you know. As soon as we walking into the woods today we saw a line of them, like sentinels, passing through the land that we walk over. Stood almost completely in the middle of our path as if to prevent our crossing into the woods. I didn’t take a photo, preferring to take one on the way out of the woods, with the sun behind, the light would be better.

Bloody hell wouldn’t it be my bloody luck that there fence folk were there, having banged in the posts yesterday afternoon, they stood erect and really solid, I think they used post-crete (a real thing). The woodland at the entrance to the woods has been cleared, the unruly untidy limes cut down, the land rotated and the logs stacked, now the second phase looks like its about to begin, a fence all the way up the side of the wood, so we can’t just walk through a well flattened gap in the perimeter, and we may well have to use the stile to get in, that will mean doubling our stile count everyday; all eyes will be on C and M as they negotiate them, quite often varying their technique; its not for N and I, we’re confident in our clambering, we know our minds. Maybe M and C are shifters in their beds, swapping sides, never quite sure what they’re going to do, always keeping it fresh and real.

Good news is theres going to be 2 kissing gates installed, so no stile climbing, according to the pipe smoking estate managing John. The prospect of kissing everyone every time we pass through has all got a little out of control, theres talk of walking at different times, and meeting inside the woods, to avoid any awkwardness, which we, as Britains, a can not abide.

A few weeks ago Hattie pulled on the post at the bus stop so hard, it snapped off, the base rotten in the soil, that day she ran into or towards the road. Today she slipped out of C’s hand just as the bus was arriving, it had to do an emergency stop, Hattie stood stock still staring the bus down. She’s a nutter.

There have also been a lot of thinner posts appearing in the woods, new trees being planted, dotted around, in a paternities? Who knows, we need a drone to check it out.

Finally, we have issues at our local Post Office,Nick, the camp post master, is telling me that the post office may be moving 1/2mile down the road, across the river and into another parish. Theres 2 shops 1/2 mile apart, owned by 2 brothers, one does post office, the other does booze and they’ve fallen out. I like both of those things, Booze for fun times and post offices to keep in touch with people, to send letters, which I’m always doing. Looks like the booze brother is going to win the feud, the post office will move down hill and across the river and my nearest shop will become a shadow of its former self and i’m sure will ultimately close. Bollocks.

And thats all I have to say on posts, but be sure to tune in tomorrow for a photo of the posts which I’ve seen this morning, just then I had an absurd thought about possibly popping out to take a nighttime shot, but realised I am scared of the woods in the dark, and Ive got my annual review with my boss tomorrow, so need to avoid being murdered by a creature of the woods or a gang of marauding badgers; of which legend has it, there are a few, in Shrawley.


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