March 31st 2019


Last day of the financial year, whatever that is. Ive been remiss in my blog for the last 2 weeks, don’t ask me why, Ive gone off the boil slightly. What has really angered me and upset me to a certain extent, nay a massive extent  is that I’ve failed to do the Friday Fictioneers which I have been doing since early July last year, even over christmas and summer holidays I have managed, yet last week I failed.

I am so cross that I have ripped the head off the small bear in the photo in a fit of rage.

This will not happen again, I think I just needed to reset and reboot my hard drive, or in normal terms, I’m knackered and needed a break, lets see what the future holds. The A-Z challenge of course comes up throughout April, its too hard for me in the present, I nearly gave myself an injury last year, its intense man.


This is for all the fungi fans out there, I have no idea what this is, it’s not very big and was nestled amongst the bluebell leaves, a keen eye was mine this morning. In other news, M took a rather nasty tumble backwards from about 6 feet down a hill after a branch he was holding onto came free, he fell heavily on his head onto the muddy path narrowly missing a small rock by about 6 inches. N and D were there to provide first aid, which in this case involved asking how many fingers we were holding up and if M could stand up, which after a while he did. Could have been very nasty, but thank good fortune, was not and so M will live to fight another day although I imagine he’s probably very tired this evening after the day he’s had.

Happy mother’s Day to all the Mums out there, we went out for a fabulous meal with the kids, a couple of drinks and then had an afternoon snooze on the sofa. That, my friends, is living alright. As a special treat I’ve a photo of the misty woods, as were a few days ago.


So goodnight my friends, apologies to the Friday Fictioneers crew, I feel I’ve let the team down! Normal service may resume next week for viewers in areas 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7, wherever they are.

Check these guys out, I just discovered them on a tape from the dark outside series

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