Friday Fictioneers: Greedy Gold.

I must not take my eye off the metaphorical ball, I must not take my eye off the metaphorical ball, I must not take my eye off the metaphorical ball, etc etc

Thanks to the wonderful Rochelle for putting up with this, my tardiness, I’m many days late and wasn’t going to bother but I felt I’d not only let myself down, I’d let the team down (assuming there still a place in the team for me). I’ve given myself 100 hundred lines and an essay on the inside of a table tennis ball (ping pong for the Americans) for my sins.

Thanks also to Sandra Crook for a fab photo.

Rumplestiltskin, the alchemist weaver, had been turning thread into gold for many years on his single loom, alone in his rags with his riches and his imaginary friend Jenny.

His decision to kidnap first Rampunzel then other famous long haired females; Goldilocks, the deft handed safe cracker, “Lil’ Red Hood”, for her orchestration of the Woodland Badger turf wars, as well as  dozens of lesser known bit part players.

He relentlessly fed the girls on unscientifically proven hair growth tonic, and now had an industrial scale gold weaving mill, where he sat; the whirring of the looms his only friend.

Well, blimey this is late, I should probably get a kick up the posterior for this one, there’s another one tomorrow too!! Christ, where does the time go. But 100 words on the nose…

Hope you enjoy…


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