April 4th 2019


Fucking rain, rain go away. This is awful, its cold, its wet and Brexit is dragging on with no sign of a resolution. Britain; that’s me and the ministry, is looking like a laughing stock and anyone who tries to say otherwise and defend their position on the telly looks as though they are either trying to cling onto their job or, well, cling on to their job. I feel if we get another extension to decide the parliament will go out and get pissed for another 4 or 6 months until we see the due date looming and then we’ll try and get another essay extension. Or is that what happened at university? Sorry my mistake, the organisation and compromise of this tearing apart of our society reminds me of something.

The people in charge are not, they are, what I like to call, out of charge. Fuck knows where we are going from here.


On another tack, the clairvoyant and mind readers amongst you will probably realise that I shall be off to Berlin for a dear friend’s 50th (eek!). There will be no children, there will be no dogs, I will be in the concrete jungle and not the wordy woods, so if I post anything then it’ll be a miracle. However I shall take time when I return to tell some tales and show some photographs. The last time I went to Berlin, I was around 14 or 15 years old, on a school trip and the wall was up. We were told by our school that in no uncertain terms were we to change pounds into 5 pence pieces because they were the same size as the deutschmark and as such would fit in cigarette, beer and sex kino machines! Needless to say Barclays bank suddenly had a shortage on change to buy Mr Freezes (5p only for a blue raspberry flavour ice pop).

The wall has now come down and free movement across to east Berlin is I suspect easy, plus there are 100 record shops or places to buy music (there is a difference) Supermarkets for fucks sake, how dare they peddle this dross to the general population too lazy to seek out the cassette and record sellers who manifest themselves in some of the most interesting retail establishments in the world. On the Discogs app, there is a map of the world showing where the shops are, you can zoom in really close to street level and by god I’m sure you could link to street view to see what records are in the window.

So as an aside to C, M, N, Misty and Hattie I hope you have a lovely walk tomorrow, I shall be going early with my daughter who has volunteered to take Benny, is there something she wants form me? Is it all a ruse to gain my confidence? Who knows, the kids have their auntie here this weekend.

Berlin awaits…

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