Cee’s Walks, Tracks and Pavements

Hi and thanks to See for hosting this Challenge: Cees Walks, Trails and Pavements

I’ve decided to alter the title as we have tracks rather than trails and Pavements rather than Sidewalks over here in Blighty and I wouldn’t want to betray the Queen, God bless her cotton socks and golden crowns, her wealth of jewels and the need to not have to carry cash as she is on all of it. Consequently I think she probably owns all of it and also all of the ground that we walk on and so really we should all bow down to her as we should all be lucky to be her citizens.

Anyway enough of that, here’s my track which I see quite often, this could have been a weekend as I rarely walk up the field and this way round the woods, how exciting!



Three paths, tracks, pavements, whatever to whet your whistle, heres a link to another person called sonofabeach brilliant name by the way, I shall follow you on the name alone!


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