Friday Fictioneers: Iceberg Error

Hello mentalists, and hello to our esteemed leader Super Rochelle who through toil and hard work keeps this crazy trip going and, on this day, has used her own photo; so double pat on the back for you my dear! Looks like I’ll be writing this on Friday, call me a traditionalist why don’t you?

An empty swimming pool eh?

Right this will call for some evasive action. So…

One my marks…

Get set…


The unicorn beating lion, was quietly working as a pool attendant until the super volcano exploded in Yellowstone filling the atmosphere with ash and unbearable heat. 

The oceans boiling and rising, and the last remaining iceberg was towed down the Humber Estuary to the swimming pool overseen by the lion.

“Don’t turn the heating on” were the instructions as the iceberg sat in the pool, “Keep it cold”

The lion was confident in his new job, he’d looked after the pool for years as the phrase goes; “What could possibly go Wrong?”

Monday morning, the pool overflowed, the iceberg gone.

There we go, a cautionary tale, i’m relatively pleased with my self.




    • I had the idea, should probably rewrite it, I like the thought of the last iceberg being lost because someone left the heating on. It’s the need for heat which is destroying us, amongst other things. There’s only so many fairy tales Dale!


      • I know. I was wondering how long you could possibly last!
        I have a big-ass book of Grimm’s but I would say a good 3/4, I’ve never heard of 😉


  1. Who would trust a lion with such an important job? On second thoughts, might as well be a lion as the ones we’re trusting to look after the planet right now. A cautionary tale indeed. A very intriguing approach to the prompt.

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  2. Dear Shrawley,

    Sorry, I’m late to this one. The server at the hotel in Jerusalem saw your site as a threat. Now I’m back in the soggy Midwest playing Catch Up.

    Your cautionary tale says “A little too late.” Well done.



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