May 19th 2019


In the grand scheme of things a picture of a knotted and gnarly tree next to a lake may not count for much, but it reminds one of how resilient life is, how wonderful nature is and with some news from my family today how utterly awful some humans can be.

A relative of mine died a few weeks ago, my Uncle, I used to like him before I had kids, then when I did have kids I realised what a shit Dad he was to his daughter. As time went on he turned from being my fun Uncle into a self absorbed, selfish dirty old man living his dream in Thailand. After his funeral, in Thailand, he had requested a letter he had written 2 years prior to his death be read by his daughter in the presence of one of his selfish mates. In this letter he proceeded to bad mouth and criticise his immediate family, his elderly brother (my Dad) my Mum, his daughter, me.

This self perpetuating lie he was living in Thailand, painting himself as the “Big I am” at the expense of his family, just to impress friends and lonely men he had met maybe 15 years before. He recreated his life, rewrote his history to show off, to impress and then as a final parting shot have this letter read in front of a relatively new friend who had built up a picture of my Uncle’s family in Britain as being a bunch of cunts.

I would say RIP but I wouldn’t mean it.

And reading that last statement it appals me that I wrote it, but i’m not deleting it.


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