May 23rd 2019


I’ve usually got an eye for death, but was (thankfully) alerted to this poorly mouse by Eagle Eyed C this morning, or probably yesterday, such a lot has happened recently it’s like a hurricane whooshing through the branches of Shrawley at the moment. Theres plans afoot to create some eeriness within the woods; wind chimes and fishing wire have been mooted. I stress the fishing wire is to get the chimes up into the canopy, not to decapitate unruly walkers, but boy would I like to!

Last night Mrs T and I went and spent a really fun evening watching Bill Bailey in the Cheltenham Jockey Club building at the racecourse, which I (nearly gave it away then, nearly told you what I actually do. Please do not be under the impression that I am a professional writer, but i’ve got a fuck site more talent than some of the folk on the web, but not quite enough to make ends meet, or indeed anything meet. Talent is probably too strong a word, maybe I should say I’m dogged and have stamina, totally oblivious to the people who may or may not follow me, I’m doing this for my own kicks.) Anyway the gig was fun apart from my not being able to see everything and not be able to hear everything, I guess thats a product of my age more than anything.

M mentioned rather beautifully that he had received an electronic leaflet through the door from the Brexit Party and that awful man Farage. An electronic leaflet you say? What is such devilry and how come it’s at the 01299 end of the village (the poor phone code). Turns out he meant an email, he’s only in his 50’s for goodness sake! But none the less a beautiful image and one I will try to remember.

Who would have thought that Worcester has a lido? Today I drove down a road, which turned into a track which turned into a heavily rutted scorched mud trail with a grassy car park at the end next to a field with no Lido, many wildflowers and a beach on the banks of the river severn, I say beach but really more of a small muddy bank. As I walked through the meadow and down towards the river I saw a track leading down to the waters edge. A man walking without a dog, I find suspicious, and felt I fell into this category despite being completely innocent and minding my own business. Turns out at the bank were a young couple in swim wear, chatting, thank god nothing else, I wouldn’t have known which way to look and would have felt like a flasher or peeping Tom. A fine place none the less, and historically a place where the Victorians would have bathed in years gone by.VyIBaYmGSS240B6mGYfRQQ

The European Elections happened today, I hope you exercised your right to vote, If not then for God’s sake I hope for Christ’s sake we don’t end up with Farage and his racist cohorts leading the way. He was covered in Milk shake the other day when he was on walk about, I’m not advocating this sort of action as it could have been acid or something far more dangerous, thinking back to Jo Cox. However when he arrived in Kent today I read he refused to get out of  his bus because it was surrounded by youths in black hoodies brandishing milk shakes.

Escape to the Countryside was in Shrawley toady, revisiting a couple who moved in a year or two ago, lazy and unimaginative broadcasting. However, our landlord at the pub made moves to hold the braodcast in the garden, the weather was lush, he had a rent-a-crowd, (me included) to make the place look busy. T, the landlord, with his best trousers on, slightly low on the hips, shuffled out, miked up, to the table where the couple and the TV presenter were sat, ready to discuss what ever vacuous issues they deemed interesting to the afternoon TV viewer.

“So you must be T” said the presenter at which point T tripped and threw a glass of Gavi di Gavi over the lady in the couple. Brilliant, I hope they run a bloopers program.


Wee tune for you tonight. My Bloody Valentine.

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