May 26th 2019

Hold on to your hats folks, its been a weekend of not a great deal happening, we’ve had a roast today, I’ve been getting into Chicken Crowns, its what the king of the chickens wears and what I, the meat eater, desires on a Sunday, I have no idea where the legs and wings are, I suspect the chickens are bred this way, without legs and wings, makes it easier to count them in the airless sheds and harder for the chickens to escape; unless they drag them selves away using their beak. It could happen, stranger things can happen.


I have no idea what this insect is but he/she was very photogenic for me. One day this will be our staple diet, i’m hoping they’ll be larger of course, this on its own wouldn’t fill a very small gap, but in the future when the wasp farms proliferate and the free range fly farms are a common site this will be a tasty form of protein. Incidentally I did mention it about a year ago but there are approximately 14 million flies per human on the earth, think about that, plenty of scrummy nosh, beats “Farmfoods”. Which reminds me of a mate of mine who the morning after the night before told me that him and a lady had had “relations” behind the bins at the back of Farmfoods  after a night of debauchery at Manhattans nightclub in Southport, all drinks 50p. Cheap, but you’d still be lucky if you’d wake up with enough cash for a pack of 10 Embassy the next morning. Aah Halcyon days.

I had a meeting of the most antiquated property investment company in the western world yesterday, shit things happen and it looks as though I will still not get paid for the work I am doing on a weekly basis. It’s shit, but I’m a lucky boy really, just grates a little bit, thats all. The company now is fully on line and I keep getting empty emails from my Dad, he’ll swear blind he didn’t send them but, well, they are from him, I can tell using my eyes and skill in readership and English Comprehension. So yesterday I felt flat, and what I once said would not become a diary of me and my actions is now becoming a diary of me and my actions; this must stop.


Today N and D created their own tribute to Spinal Tap and turned it up to 11 with this awesome henge. The log atop I don’t think gives much to the structure, but let us be honest some kid will knock lot off before long anyway, just they wait till we start putting up wind chimes in the woods, that’ll freak everyone out, including the birds, nesting or no. So when I next get the chance to head down towards the river i’m hoping the henge will be there, don’t knock it down people, it’s a decent addition to the woods, people will flock from across Dick Brook, Astley Parish to see this, the famous Shrawley Henge.

Listen to this tune, It’ll change yours and my relationship together, lets run away… Don’t buy any vinyl Yagya, because you may inadvertently take my copy!

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